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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between a life insurance company and a policyholder. A life insurance policy is a payment of a certain amount by an insurance company to designated beneficiaries upon the death of the insured in exchange for premiums paid by the policyholder during her lifetime.

In a life insurance policy, you must pay premiums for a set policy term in exchange for a full life cover from the insurance provider. Life insurance safeguards your loved ones' future by providing a lump sum amount known as the death benefit if an awful event occurs. After the policy term expires, certain life insurance plans pay out a maturity benefit.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is a pure life insurance product that provides financial protection to policyholders and their nominees in exchange for a fixed premium.

Whole Life Policy

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that provides permanent death benefit coverage for the life of the insured.

Unit Linked Plan

A ULIP or unit-linked insurance plan offers the dual benefits of an investment to help you reach your long-term goals and life insurance to protect your family financially in the event of an unfortunate event.

Child Education

Child Education insurance plan, you pay a premium for a fixed period of time (monthly, half-yearly, yearly or lump sum) and receive a lump sum known as a maturity benefit at the end of the policy period.

Pension Plan

A pension plan is a type of investment plan that helps you invest some of your savings over the long term in order to achieve a secure financial future.


An endowment policy is a life insurance policy that provides lump-sum amount on maturity or on death.

Money Back

A money back policy is a life insurance providing dual benefit of investment and protection.

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